Netlify CMS is setup (#ultraworking)

May 24, 2020  |  Comments

I am writing this from elijahlynn.net/admin which is using the Netlify CMS and easily lets me add images and just have a better UI to enter content. The idea here is that it reduces friction and then I can actually write more!

Testing a screenshot upload right here. Hrm, cannot paste images, need to upstream that. I did add the image below from the UI though, which is great.

2020 05 24 16 25

I started this blog in the beginning of 2019 doing an Ultraworking marathon and didn’t really do much since then. Now I just did another Ultraworking session now that I signed up for 24/7 workcycles with The Work Gym and finally got this last step finished in a focused 5.5 hour work session! This is fantastic! Ultraworking is sooo effective.

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